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Butterfly Octet 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

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Victory 4 Player Set

The Butterfly T25 Table Tennis Table is a true international competition table.
The Butterfly Octet is approved for international competition by the International Table Tennis Federation -ITTF.
The Octet table halves store in a narrow width and are favored by table tennis clubs and other institutions around the world.
Because the Butterfly T25 Octet is comprised of two table halves that each have its own chassis with wheels the Octet table halves may be used individually for some other purpose.
Many institutions or individuals use two-part table tennis table halves separate from one another as individual 41/2 Ft x 5 Ft work surfaces or even dining tables.
The Octet will work well in the playback position as one table halve can be folded up into a vertical position and butted up against the other half in the horizontal position to form a good configuration for playback usage.
When a two-part table such as the Octet is used in the playback position, the halves are necessarily offset left to right to allow the independent chassis of each to nest and fit.
  • 1 Wood Top
  • Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation
  • Frame 2" x ¾" Steel Support Apron -Legs 2" x 2" Steel
  • Leg Levelers
  • 4" Rubber Treaded Steel Casters
  • Secure Safety Locks
  • National League Heavy Duty Net & Post
  • Playback Position
  • Weight 260 LBS
  • Playback Dimensions: 72" W x 25" D x 64" H
  • Storage Dimensions: 60" W x 25" D x 64" H
  • Model#: T25
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Free Delivery with Liftgate

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3 Year Warranty
3 Year Warranty
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
ITTF Approved
Shipping Carton Size

Weight: 275Lbs
Height: 55 Inches
Length: 61 Inches
Width: 8 Inches

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